Top Trips in Oz

Here is our list of the best trips Australia has to offer with links to the places to book them.... Enjoy.

kroombit cattle station

One of our favourite places in Oz. Experience what it's like to stay on an working Australian Farm Station and get involved in everything. Here you'll learn how to crack a whip, tour the farm on Quad bikes, round up goats on horseback, fire a shotgun at some clay pigeons, catch your own goat with a lasoo and eat amazing food. This is not one to miss. Click on the tribal travel logo to find out more and book.


This is one of the lesser known trips on the East Coast but easily one of the best. Meet Bruce, the crazy pilot and let him take you on an amazing flight to Middle Island for a beach landing. Camp out by the fire and cook some fish you caught (or the dinner provided) Live like Tom Hanks for as many days as you want. Book through Tribal Travel.


Taking a trip in the Whitsunday Islands is the most popular in Australia, and for a good reason, it's amazing. From the town of Airlie Beach you can take anything from a day trip to a 3 day sail around the 74 beautiful islands. Snorkel, dive and swim in the clear waters, visit Whitehaven Beach with the whitest squaky sand you're ever likely to see and sleep under the stars on a sail boat.

We recommend The Clipper if you want to party, a huge sail boat with capacity of 58 passengers, the crew are awesome and will have you playing party games and dancing into the night, with ample opportunity to dive and snorkel as well as seeing the best spots this is the way to go if you want to have a great time.

fraser island

Probably our top pick for an adventure is the popular Fraser Island. Day trips are available but our advice if you have time is to go with a guided self drive. In groups of 10-12, you'll drive 4 Wheel Drive vehicles around the largest sand island in the World visiting the famous shipwreck, Indian Head and the unbelievably beautiful fresh water lakes McKenzie and Wabbi. Camp out overnight or stay in accomodation and sing away the night under amazing stars around a campfire. This really is not to be missed. Departs from Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay.


This really is one of our favourite trips on the East Coast. From the town of Agnes Water / 1770 you can take a day trip with Scooteroo and ride around the area with a group of backpackers on Mopeds made to look like Choppers. Pretend to be a Bikie for the day in your leather jacket and tattoos (provided) and cruise around spotting Kangaroos seeing the sights and watching a rare east coast sunset over the water. We had so much fun with the guys at Scooteroo and think this really is a must do if you have time on your trip. Highly Recommended.

dive in cairns

If you've never Scuba dived before, or even if you have, you're going to want to see the Great Barrier Reef up close and personal, with an amazing array of tropical fish and multi coloured coral in crystal clear waters, this is one of the top places in the World to dive. Unexperienced divers can go on and introductory dive with no previous experience and get to see the wonders of this amazing World Heritage Site. Click on the Passions logo to book yourself in.

ayers rock

Uluru, or Ayers Rock is one of the most famous and recognisable rocks in the World. Fact. It is in the middle of Australia. Fact. You will love going to see it. Fact.

You can fly to close to Ayers Rock and take a visit but for a better adventure we recommend flying or driving to Alice Springs and taking a 3 day tour. By doing this you'll get to see so much more such as Kings Canyon, Kata Tjuta and get a tour guide with heaps of amazing information as well as 2 nights sleeping in swags (aussie sleeping bags with a matress) get to try Kangaroo and Camel meat and watch the awesome sunrise and sunset at Ayers Rock. Unbelievable

surf at spot x

If you really want to live the Australian dream you have to give surfing a go. There are great sufing spots for beginners from 1770 down to Melbourne and you can find surf camps in most towns and cities. It's definitely a good idea to get lessos before you try this awesome sport yourself. Good surf schools will show you safely on the beach how to paddle and pop up before getting you on your foamy and ripping up the surf.

The best guys in the biz are those at Spot X. This custom built hostel is right on the beach near Coffs Harbour. They have the best equipment and instructors around and will guarantee you stand up. With photographers to make sure you get that knarly photo, free food, beach parties and great accomodatin, this is easily our favourite place to go and get in the green room. Yeeeeeeeeew!

drive the great ocean road

One of our other best bits of Oz is to do a self drive down the Great Ocean Road. From Melbourne you head West along the coast for one of the top rated drives in the World.
Visit the Grampians National Park, The famous Twelve Apostles and stop off in some of the coolest beach towns along the way.

Unbelievable coastal views and incredible National Parks make this trip hard to beat. Hire yourself a Jucy Camper Van, hit the road and stop off in some of the free campsites along the way and we promise you'll have the drive of your life.