spot x

When you're in Australia, you have to try surfing, become a bogan and hang down on the beaches chasing that perfect wave and spend the evenings round a camp fire talking about the most awesome barrel you caught that day.

This might be a bit far fetched to start with, but to get there you have to start somewhere. At GYT we highly recommend taking lessons to kick start your
surf career and the best place to do this is at Spot X.

Located just outside Coffs Harbour this custom built camp is set up to get you riding the waves, perfect for beginners therse guys are truely the best in the business, with all the latest equipment, the best instructors on the coast and an awesome hostel, we think you should definately stop off here for a few days of surf.

Book in for a 2-4 day stay or just stay as long as you like honing your skills, they also offer Surf Academys and instructors courses if you're loving it that much.

Contact these guys directly by clicking on the logo and start your surfing adventure in style!