rainbow beach

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Named for it's local Multi-coloured sand, the small town of Rainbow beach is your spot to access the amazing Fraser Island. With 74 different colours in the sand, this Aboriginal sacred site is an awesome place and now set up for tourists and backpackers wishing to visit Fraser.

A small vibrant town with plenty of hostels to put you up before and after your tour, you can team up in groups of 12 to drive around the Worlds largest sand island in a modified 4x4 on a self tour or jump on one of the day trips to experience the delights of this fantastic place. We definately recommend taking your own tour, camp over for two nights for a party and see the wonder of Lake McKenzie and the views from Indian Head, Fraser Island is definately not to be missed while in Australia.

our opinion

We could not recommend a trip to Fraser Island more, book up a trip before you arrive and you can usually arrange very cheap accomodation for the night before and after your tour, drive around the beaches and discover one of the Wonders on the East Coast, this will be a highlight of your trip without a doubt.

Make sure you take enough alcohol as beach parties are inevitable and unforgettable. Be prepared to get sand in places you didn't realise it could go and watch out for the Dingo's

A big Must Do

a great place to stay

  • The only reason you'll visit Rainbow beach is to visit Fraser Island, and believe us it is a must do for anyone travelling to Australia

We recommend booking with Dingo's, it's a great hostel with a pool and bar and they will sort out everything for your trip. During your induction they'll tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your tour of the Island and most importantly you might be lucky enough to meet the unforgettable Merv who will "put a smile on your dial"

Other things to Do and see

Hang Gliding

See the Carlo Sand Blow
Swim with Dolphins