New Zealand

New Zealand is one of our favourite places to visit, the culture and activity centre of the South Pacific, it really has so much to offer you in your Gap Year.

It's a must do place set up for backpackers, being an english speaking country with hundreds of hostels, it's a great place to visit on your first trip.

With rainforests, mountains, amazing national parks, glaciers and beaches, we highly recommend a visit.

The country is split into a North and South Island, the North being more populated and home to the big cities, the South island is beautiful and home to all the extreme activities any adrenaline junkie could ask for.


Population: 4,385,000

Area: 103737 sq Miles

Currency: NZ Dollar

Capital City: Wellington

Languages: English and Maori


Franz Josef


New Zealand is not huge but to make the most of it you must travel to both islands and experience all the wonder that this country has to offer.

It is so easy to move around and you can easily manage to see both islands in a few weeks and give you time to spend more of your trip in the spots that you like.

The easiest way to get to see all the sights is on a hop on, hop off bus tour, there are several operators offering this service for you to choose from. Our pick for a great time and to get off the beaten track is to use Stray Bus, with awesome busses and drivers who will give great commentary and knowledge from their vast experienced which will make all the difference in your trip.

An alternative option is taking busses from place to place as you like, to get almost anywhere in NZ and off the beaten track you can definately find yourself having an even better adventure. We highly recommend Nakedbus, they offer trips all over the country with fares as low as $1.

Another great way to travel New Zealand is by hiring a car or camper van, for the best rates and most reliable vehicles, you should choose Jucy Rentals, they offer great prices and as you don't have to travel great distances, this can be the best way to have your own freedom at afforrdable prices.

Another option is travelling by train, this service is run by Tranzrail however although we found using busses to be the cheapest and most effective way of getting around.

Internnal flights can be very cheap and get you around quickly, we recommend Jetstar Airlines for the cheapest fares, Air New Zealand also offer well priced flights


You'll need to get a visa to visit New Zealand, whether it's just for a visit or if you plan to do some work there. It's really quick and easy to sort out. You can apply for everything on-line at You can also get a 12 month working visa for cheap with the option to extend this to 23 months while you're away. To extend you'll need to take a medical and chest x-ray. This can be done at any medical centre and is very simple as a UK citizen. It's a great idea which allows you to earn a little as you travel and keep you enjoying this great country for longer


If you're in New Zealand and you find that you've accumilated too much stuff you love along the way or if you want to send a special present back home, the best option is to use a courier service to fly your bits back to the UK. We found Pack Send amazing and they will be able to send anything from Snowboarding equipment to a set of golf clubs at great prices and they'll make sure it gets home safe and sound within a few days.

Give yourself more time in New Zealand than you think. So many backpackers aplit their time over New Zealand and Australia badly and end up rushing through NZ. We found so many of you loving this country and wishing you had longer. It's an awsome place and we never hear anyone say it didn't exceed what they expected. Get out there and have the time of your life with the Kiwis.

must do Activities

1. Skydive 6. Sandboarding
2. Bungy Jump 7. Segway
3. Zorbing 8. Hike a Glacier
4. White Water Raft 9. Jetboating
5. Skiing / Boarding 10. Luging


1. Woking behind a bar
2. Working in hostels
3. Fruit Picking
5. Working on a Ski Field
6. Working on a tourist activity
7. Waiter / Waitress

new zealand's Best accomodation

1. Bay Adventurer - Paihia
2. Reavers Lodge - Queenstown
3. Pacific Lodge - Mt. Maunganui
4. Nomads - Auckland
5. Urban Retreat - Taupo
6. Nomads - Queenstown

amazing things to see

1. Tongarriro Alpine Crossing
2. Abel Tasmin National Park
3. Milford Sound Cruise
4. White Island
5. Franz Josef