milford sound

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Milford Sound is an amazing 22km fjord on the South Island. It has been voted one of the best places on Earth to visit and the Milford track is rated as one of the best walks in the World.

With over 180 days of rain every year, Milford Sound is one of the wettest places in New Zealand, this however is to the delight of visitors as it brings temporary waterfalls pouring down sheer rock faces rising 1,200 metres or more from the sea. With rain forests hanging on to the cliffs, and the seals and penguins that inhabit the area there is nowhere else like it with the accesibility that Milford has.

Originally named after Milford Haven in Wales, it has peaks as high as Mitre Peak at 1,695m and with mirror lakes and the chance to see dolphins and wales, Milford Sound will not fail to amaze.

our opinion

Milford Sound is definately must do in NZ is a trip to Milford sound. Here you will see some of the most amazing sights and views in the continent. Take a cruise out to see the mountainous scenery and waterfalls that will blow your mind, if you have time, do the Milford Track, this 4 day hike is unbelievable. We rate this as possibly the best trip in New Zealand. Do not miss out on Milford Sound, if you can't face the Milford Track but have some have time, spend a couple of days there and try to do some of the walks such as the amazing Hollyford Track.

a great place to stay

There is only one place for backpackers in Milford, but dispite this it is excellent. With a huge communal area and great staff, you won't find a hostel with more beautiful views to wake up to. Staying here a night will let you see a lot more of Milford than you can on a day trip, it's really worth a stopover but make sure you book in advance during the summer as it does get full.

A few Must Do's

  • Take a cruise down the Fjord for some unforgettable views

      • Tramp one of the beautiful walks like the Hollyford or Routeburn Track

          • Stop off at all the marked viewpoints including 'Mirror Lake'

GYT Reccomendations

Other things to Do and see

There are a few companies offering boat trips of Milford, the best of these is with Southern Discoveries, operating regularly every day, you'll get a 2.25 hour tour with the best commentary and views to leave you speechless. They also offer a stop on the floating underwater Discovery Centre giving you 360 degree views of the marine life and history of the area.

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