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Travelling the Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic drives you can make, and during this, you'll inevitably take a trip to Melbourne, an awesome city which is well worth it for so many reasons. Seeing the Twelve Apostles is a must do, take in the amazing MacKenzie Falls and experiencing the Melbourne nightlife with its big student population should definately be on your list.

Melbourne offers great shopping, wildlife and fun, it is a sophisticated and vibrant city that you'll never hear a bad word about. It has heaps going on with plent of events and festivals. For all you Neighbours fans, you can visit Ramsay Street and go to the Neighbours trivia night where you can see Dr Karl Kennedy performing and meet some of the cast.

our opinion

Although slightly off route for those of you doing an East Coast tour, Melbourne is worth a few days, the drive there is spectacular and will give you plenty to do when you arrive. If you can plan in a few extra days to get down the Great Ocean Road you will not regret it.

It's also a great spot to settle if you are using your Working Visa as there are plenty of jobs around, with cafe's and bars a plenty, Melbourne could be the place you'll love most in Australia, we think it's more than worth a visit.

a great place to stay

A few Must Do's

By far the best hostel in Melbourne is Habitat HQ, with their uniqe approach to Hostelling these guys have won more awards than you can shake a stick at.

Due to its helpful staff and high quality standards, they are regularly voted as one of the best hostels in Australia. This really is one of the cleanest and most helpful hostels we've ever stayed in.

With a great location in St Kilda, just a few minutes on the tram to the city centre, look no further for your hostel when heading to Melbourne. But be warned, book ahead as this hostels reputation preceeds it, and it does get booked up in peak times and you don't want to miss out.

  • Take a trip To Ramsay Street to see the famous location of Neighbours

      • Hire a van and drive the Great Ocean Road to see awesome scenery and the 12 Apostles

Other things to Do and see

Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne Aquarium

Street Art Tour
Helitour of the City

GYT Reccomendations

The Old Melbourne Gaol is a great trip, it is the location of 135 hangings including the famous Ned Kelly. You'll take a tour of the buildings and cells which were last used in 1929. This is great fun informative and definately gets the nod from us.