A Trip to Brazil is an absolute must if you're heading to Latin America. Occupying almost half of South America, Brazil is an up and coming traveller haven with more and more places catering for the backpacker.

With amazing white-sand beaches, and a coastline over 7000km it's easy to relax and enjoy the culture Brazil has to offer.

Great Music and Party Vibes as well as outstanding beauty inland with unbelievable waterfalls, canyons and crystal-clear rivers – all just a small part of the natural beauty.

Home to the Amazon and the Pantanal, where you'll find some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet. You certainly won't forget Brazil, it's an amazing country with so much to offer you whatever you enjoy.

We are in the process of researching South America so keep on checking back because we'll be updating you with everything you need to know as we move around.

So Far, we've spent some time in Sao Paulo and Rio so click on the map to find out more....


Population: 191,972,000

Area: 3,287,600 sq Miles

Currency: Real

Capital City: Brasilia

Languages: Portugese

Getting Around

Travelling from place to place in Brazil can take a long time, luckily, the bus services are frequent and affordable. With bus stations in most towns and all cities, tickets to most places in South America can be purchased.

Overnight busses are the best way to make the most of your time and the busses are usually spacious and comfortable allowing you to sleep easily. Booking ahead will guarantee you a seat but busses run regularly and it's very possible to turn up and jump on the next bus.

We will be updating this page as we move through Brazil, please check back soon for more information